JUST EAT - Open Up To A World Of Taste

The Public House set us the task of creating a campaign for Just Eat that would encourage their users to explore new food. The front door is the last step of the Just Eat consumer journey, the knock on the door it‘s the most anticipated moment. So let’s make it something it remember. What if you opened the door and instead of your bog standard delivery driver delivering your Mexican take-out it was a mariachi band, or a Chinese new year festival bringing you your egg-rolls? Just Eat is helping you to open up to a world of taste.


A week before the stunt’s launch residents of Dublin will see teaser billboard posters with hints to what maybe coming. Dublin is in for a real cultural treat. For one night only when you, when you go to select your normal choice of takeaway on the Just Eat app, a ‘Fancy something different?’ option will appear on the home screen. When the app user clicks on this option, they will be informed that Just Eat would like to curate your dining experience and suprise you with a cultural feast. The catch is that you will not know what type of cuisine it will be until it arrives. To further intrigue the app users, Just Eat will enter you into a draw to win one of six mystery prizes. All you have to do is enter your details and how many people you need to feed.


This campaign and stunt encourages people who wouldn‘t normally go outside their takeaway comfort zone to try something new. 

West Coast Cooler - Keep Your Cool

This brief for West Coast Cooler was set for us by Ogilvy. They asked us to come up with a campaign that would re-introduce West Coast Cooler to the millennial woman. When approaching this brief, I wanted to nd a subject matter that all women could recognize in their own lives and link it with the refreshing taste of West Coast Cooler.

Being a millennial woman can be stressful sometimes, they are just starting out on a journey of self-discovery and of course there are going to be few hiccups along the way...very cringey hiccups. We’ve all had those moments in life where you wish the ground could swallow you up. For example, have you ever called your boss "dad" by mistake, sent a steamy text to your mam, or had something in your teeth the whole time you were talking to you a love interest? But it’s okay. you’ve got this, you can keep your cool, just embrace those embarrassing awkward moments - because in the end you'll only grow stronger from them.


With all this in mind, the billboards promoting West Coast Cooler tell the refreshingly honest stories of embarrassing moments and scenarios that most women (and even men for that matter) have gone through - but have kept their cool.




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As part of the Upstarts programme Publicis set us the challenge us to create a campaign that would raise awareness of Vhi's sponsorship of the Women's Mini Marathon. The main ask was to show that the Vhi Women's Mini Marathon is anything but mini and to promote it as a positive, inclusive, healthy celebration of active women and girls.


On the Vhi mini marathon website they categorise the winners by age, the oldest category is 60+. The fact that these women at their age are running/jogging this mini marathon is inspirational. So, to get women to take part in the mini marathon Vhi need to inspire them by using role models that we traditionally wouldn't associate with marathon running. This will make women think

'if she can do it, so can I'.


For the look and feel of the TV and print, I wanted it to be a fun, quirky and uplifting. So I thought it would be fun to take inspiration from the most famous running scene in movie history, the Forrest Gump 'I just felt like running' scene. The TV ad would centre around an OAP woman who goes out for a run and goes viral. This would then inspire women from all ages/sizes/backgrounds to follow her across Dublin city.


For the print ads the women from the TV ad will be shown with fun inspirational quotes, that will encourage women to sign up.

Vhi Women's Mini Marathon

IWEA - Beauty In Power

This brief for IWEA was set for us by Rothco. They wanted to get the Irish public excited about our greatest natural resource: wind energy. By 2020, wind turbines will help generate 40% of the electricity in the country, making Ireland both greener and one step closer to energy independence. In spite of this, there’s a small minority who remain vocally sceptical. The key challenge was explaining that the possibilities of wind energy for Ireland are huge and far outweigh any negatives.


One of the main objections to wind energy is the turbines themselves. To some people, they are a blot on the Irish landscape - but when we have access to so much clean energy, worrying about appearances seems irrelevant. So, how can IWEA show Irish people the sheer power and beauty of wind energy? By blowing a high-powered wind machine in their faces of course! The campaign involves printed Adshels (shown above) and a stunt.


The stunt involves setting up photo booths with in-built powerful wind machines in areas with lots of footfall like Stephen’s Green, and even festivals like Body & Soul. The booth lets the public share their wind- powered selfies (a photo or GIF) on social media, with the #BeautyInPower hashtag to indicate support for wind power. We want to educate the public in a humorous and fun way that although wind turbines may not be a thing of beauty, there’s’ no denying their power. 

ICAD Upstarts

ICAD’s Upstarts programme is a great way for aspiring creatives to gain invaluable experience in Irish agencies and design studios. The numbers on the course are small, with just 12 candidates from Design and Advertising. Places on the programme are won by completing a challenging brief issued by ICAD in June each year. Once on the course, you’re assigned a mentor, who will help you develop your ideas and challenge you to push the standards of your work, the way you develop it and present it.

Dublin, Ireland

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